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2016 Positive Change Effie Awards Call For Entries

20 november 2015 . 2016 Positive Change Effie Awards Call For Entries

Press release, NYC (NY)


Miami Ad School Students Create Campaign for Second Annual Positive Change Effie Awards® Competition

NEW YORK — Effie Worldwide and the World Economic Forum (WEF) are now accepting entries for the second annual Positive Change Effie Awards, a competition spotlighting brands and marketers who are effectively making environmental sustainability* a greater priority in their communications, to the benefit of brands, consumers and the environment.  Entries that ran in North America, Europe or Asia Pacific are eligible to enter. To launch the 2016 competition, the Effies teamed up with the Miami Ad School and have been working with a dedicated and talented team of students to create the 2016 Call for Entries marketing campaign. 

Miami Ad School donated the talents of their Account Planning Boot Camp to pitch creative concepts to representatives of Effie Worldwide over the summer at its New York City campus.  Through a series of hand drawn sketches and a clever play on words that draws connections between our business and natural worlds, the winning team’s concept shows that those who win a Positive Change Effie Award for their effective marketing communications efforts are also driving a measurable, positive change for our planet.  The students’ work will run as a digital campaign across eligible regions to promote the 2016 competition.  The Miami Ad School team includes: Christian Gilbertsen and Eli Libman (Account Planners); Mikaela Larsson and Leonardo Matarazzo (Art Directors); Nicholas Howe and Allison Reuben (Copywriters).

“We need to make brands and marketers aware of the Positive Change Effie, a young award with a strong purpose,” said Neal Davies, President and CEO of Effie Worldwide.  “The Miami Ad School’s campaign will ideally attract effective communicators who want to use their creativity and strategic vision for the good of our planet.”  

“Miami Ad School’s Innovation Team is made up of the next generation’s brightest creatives and strategists at Miami Ad School. These students are teamed to work on live client projects and are led by their instructors who are the industry's leading planners, creative directors, digital thinkers and media strategists.  This project was developed in our Account Planning Bootcamp from our New York City location,” said Mark Smith, Director of Brand Synergy at Miami Ad School. 

Positive Change Effie Awards: Now in Asia Pacific

This year, the Positive Change Effie Awards will add an Asia Pacific category, which will be run by Effie’s Asia Pacific regional partners – the Confederation of Asian Advertising Agency Associations (C4As) and Tenasia Group.  Each regional category has two rounds of dedicated judging sessions, with regional/global marketing experts on all panels.

Sarita Nayyar, Managing Director at the World Economic Forum USA noted, “In the inaugural year of the Positive Change Effie award we have seen the potential for impact by companies on changing consumer behavior, through sustainability-focused marketing programs. For the second year of this award, the World Economic Forum’s collaboration with Effie will engage more businesses by launching the award in Asia Pacific. This would bring tremendous value to a key emerging consumer market.”

Motivated by discussions at the Annual Meeting in Davos in 2013, the WEF and Effie Worldwide collaborated to recognize brands and marketers emphasizing environmental sustainability in their successful marketing programs. The WEF committee behind the program, Engaging Tomorrow’s Consumer (ETC), helped launch the inaugural Positive Change Effies in Fall 2014 in Europe and North America, with winners announced this past June.  

Positive Change Effie Eligibility Requirements 

Efforts that ran in Asia Pacific, Europe or North America between August 1, 2014 and October 31, 2015 are eligible to enter the 2016 competition.  Entry deadlines run from December 15, 2015 – January 28, 2016.  

All Positive Change Effie finalists and winners will receive points in the Effie Effectiveness Index (effieindex.com) – the most comprehensive global ranking of marketing effectiveness, based on analysis of data from all Effie Awards competitions worldwide.

Visit: www.effie.org/positive-change for full details.




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